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There is a landslide sway of public option now to find solutions to environmental challenges. Under new government proposals to ban single-use plastics, Shanahan Direct has found new options, and alternatives for the future of packaging. Solutions that we can now currently offer as an alternative to standard polythene are environmentally friendly compostable film bioplastic derived for renewable biomass sources, mostly from potato starch.   


Polycomp™ uses biopolymers, which are obtained by means of pioneering proprietary technologies using starches, cellulose, vegetable oils and their combinations. Polycomp™ conforms to EN13432 so is compostable in open air as long as there are micro-organisms to break it down and can be printed with the “OK HOME compost” logo. Polycomp™ can be disposed of on any compost heap, in a household garden waste bin, a household food waste bin, or you can use it to line your food waste bin.

  • Fully compostable at home
  • Certified European norm EN13432
  • OK HOME compost
  • Available printed with OK HOME compost inks
Polycomp™ conforms to EN13432 so is compostable in open air as long as there are micro-organisms to break it down and can be printed with the “OK HOME compost” logo. The EN13432 OK HOME Compost certificate guarantees a minimum of 90% of the material will compost in 12 months, after the film is put into an environment with the micro-organisms, not when it’s on the pallet wrapped up.

Protecting Our Soil

One of the first question we are usually asked is about the land the raw material is grown to check the product is not using up valuable arable land. Biorefineries use various local raw materials (low-input crops, waste, etc.) with full respect for the specific characteristics of the territories.

An essential component of our research activity is the identification of autochthonous crops which can be cultivated in marginal and non-irrigated lands, thus making the most of the specific features of the land and increasing the fertility of the soil, while at the same time maximising the use of waste and residues as valuable sources of raw materials for the biorefinery.


Carbon-Trust-Carbon-Neutral-webPolyair™ is a single layered film extruded using 75% bio-based polymer content. Combined with our Monolite™ polymer we can supply a thinner film whilst maintaining the required strength. Polyair™ is certified PAS2050 – CO² neutral by the Carbon Trust.


  • Bio-based polymer content
  • 100% Carbon neutral
  • Less poly raw material
  • Full recyclable (Code LDPE 4)


Polyair™ LDPE is made from sustainable raw material which is derived from Sugar Cane.  When sugar cane is processed to make sugar, the cane is pressed 5 times to extract the sugar juice.  The first two presses produce food safe sugar for human consumption and the remaining 3 presses are used to produce ethanol.  For the last 30-40 years, ethanol has been sold as a bio fuel but recent advances in technology allow the ethanol to be converted into ethylene, which is where Polyair™ polyethylene comes from.  (LDPE = Low Density PolyEthylene, aka Polythene)

Here are the recycling details of the film:

Polyair Recycling Details

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