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As one of Ireland’s most efficient Direct Mailing Services, Shanahan Direct Marketing comes highly recommended by some of the country’s leading companies and state bodies. We here at Shanahan’s want to help bring your business to new heights through the power of Direct Marketing, just as we have done for countless clients. We offer a range of services that will see your business grow from strength to strength. 

What is Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct Mail Marketing is all about connecting with your customers on a personal level while simultaneously promoting you and your brand. By designing letters, brochures, postcards, etc. you can reach a wide audience of current and potential clients. We at Shanahan Direct can help you bring that organisation and personalisation to your business mailings, and expand your potential audience in the process.

Read more about Direct Mail Marketing and what it can do for your business here.


What savings can I make with Shanahan Direct Marketing?

Shanahan Direct can help you save between 20% and 34% off your post bill. Outsourcing your mail requirements is very efficient, and your costs are guaranteed to remain within your budget.

Is Shanahan Direct an Irish Company?

Yes, Shanahan Direct is 100% Irish owned by directors Caroline Shanahan and Michael Shanahan.


Is using An Post the only option?

Not at all. The postal system has opened up to competition over the past few years and there are now many different mailing options, making the final decision all the more complex. This competitive market will allow users to choose from a range of options that will include distribution and delivery. To get the best value from this competitive market you must get to grips with the requirements of the alternative carriers – tracking their prices, understanding data processing, sorting the mail and preparing each mailing for potential multi-carrier delivery.

But don’t worry, we here at Shanahan’s can do all of this for you. We are a truly independent source of advice, holding all routing and pricing tables. We provide an up-to-the-minute postal consultancy service and sorting to our clients. This ensures they get the best possible value for money from their postage budgets.

Can I be sure my database is secure?

Yes, we sign confidentiality agreements with our clients and do not store your files after use (unless requested). You can be assured that however complex and/or sensitive your mailing may be, it will be handled with the utmost care and attention to detail, in an accredited secure facility. Whether it be highly confidential encrypted data via our SFTP site, information received in data processing, or data handled during laser printing or the delivery process, your information is safe with us.

Do you have a Data Protection Policy?
Envelope Sizes


  • No larger than C5 in size (i.e. half the size of an A4 sheet)
  • Also known as POP (Post Office Preferred)
 Min 140mm (L) x 90mm (H) x 0.18mm (D)
 Max 235mm (L) x 162mm (H) x 5mm (D)

Large Envelope:

  • Items up to C4 in size (i.e. the size of an A4 sheet)
  • Also knows as a “flat” item
 Min 140mm (L) x 90 mm (H) x 0.18mm (D)
 Max 400mm (L) x 300mm (H) x 25mm (D)


  • Caters for three dimensional items like boxes, tubes and envelopes which exceed the limits of a Large Envelope
Dimensions (Packet)
 Min 100mm (L) x 70mm (H) x 25mm (D)
 Max L+H+D = 900mm (no dimension > 600mm)
Dimensions (Tube)
 Min 100mm (L) x 70mm (H) x 25mm (D)
 Max L+D= 1040mm (no dimension > 900mm)
Paper Size Guidelines

Using standard paper sizes can save money as well as simplify tasks such as packing, printing, copying, filing and polybagging. The following table shows the width and height of all ISO A and B paper formats, as well as the ISO C envelope formats. (Dimensions in millimetres).

A Series FormatsB Series FormatsC Series Formats
4A01682 x 2378    
2A01189 x 1682    
A0841 x 1189B01000 x 1414C0917 x 1297
A1594 x 841B1707 x 1000C1648 x 917
A2420 x 594B2500 x 707C2458 x 648
A3297 x 420B3353 x 500C3324 x 458
A4210 x 297B4250 x 353C4229 x 324
A5148 x 210B5176 x 250C5162 x 229
A6105 x 148B6125 x 176C6114 x 162
A774 x 105B788 x 125C781 x 114
A852 x 74B862 x 88C857 x 81
A937 x 52B944 x 62C940 x 57
A1026 x 37B1031 x 44C1028 x 40


The following table illustrates some of the main uses of popular paper formats:

A0, A1Technical drawings, posters.
A1, A2Flip charts
A2, A3Drawings, diagrams, large tables
A4Letters, magazines, forms, catalogs, laser printer and copying machine output.
A5Note pads
B5, A5, B6, A6Books
C4, C5, C6Envelopes for A4 letters: unfolded (C4), folded once (C5), folded twice (C6)
B4, A3Newspapers, supported by most copying machines in addition to A4
B8, A8Playing cards


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