How Outsourcing E-commerce Fulfilment Can Benefit Your Business

Are you looking to optimise and expand your E-commerce business, but struggling with the lack of warehousing and distribution facilities? If you have researched it then you are most likely aware that these capital investments of owning your warehousing and logistics would be an expensive commitment. What if we here at Shanahan Direct told you by outsourcing your E-commerce Fulfilment it doesn’t have to be? 


What Is Outsourced E-commerce Fulfilment 

E-commerce Fulfilment is the process of hiring a third-party logistics and warehousing centre to store, manage, pack, and distribute your products to your customers. It should be viewed as a partnership rather than a transactional relationship.   

As we saw in 2020 the pandemic drove demand in online shopping up drastically. According to Irish Tech News, the rate of E-commerce sales “hurled 5 years ahead of its time” and demand is predicted to increase even more in 2021.  

In 2019 The Irish Times wrote that Irish E-commerce sales are forecast to hit €3.8bn by 2024. This has been accelerated due to Covid-19, especially with more and more Brick-and-Mortar stores making the digital transition in order to compete and survive.  

With transitions, new platforms, and growing orders, the fulfilment process can become quite costly and time-consuming for you to manage in-house. This is where we come in as the helping hand that will give you the confidence to scale and grow your business by outsourcing your E-commerce Fulfilment needs.        


Logistical Expertise 

The experience a third-party logistics centre like Shanahan Direct can provide will ensure enhanced efficiency and provide the knowledge of important factors such as; imports and exports, transport documentation, economic regulations, etc. All crucial components to an E-commerce business’s domestic and global success but they are not necessarily your key focus.                                                     

Save Save Save



The more you grow the more space you will need; this works both ways depending on seasonal demand you might not always need as much. Being locked into fixed warehousing costs could lead to annual financial waste.  

Running your own warehouse operations can be a high expenditure with the cost of a lease, insurance cover, utility bills, stock management systems, etc.

By using a third-party fulfilment partner, you can scale up and down to match your product demand. There are no fixed rates, you will only pay for the space you occupy and per parcel packed. Rather than purchasing your own warehouse and hiring staff to manage it, a business can rent space and share the costs with other companies.   

You will also be able to take advantage of a third-parties cutting-edge order fulfilment technology from inventory management systems to data security protection.  



The first rule of owning a business and the holy grail of success is knowing your most valuable asset is your employees. Hiring and training staff takes time, and resources and in order to grow, the need for exceptional staff increases which can be costly and time-consuming.   

You most probably have a fantastic team on your side, and we can bet you didn’t set up your business to spend countless hours of your day packing and shipping orders.   

Third-party warehousing can take care of this with an expert on-site fulfilment team who work every day to handpick, pack, and manage your online orders with care and precision at no extra cost to you.  


Shipping & Returns 

The distribution of your products is an extremely important element of your online business. As shipping rates are determined by volume, the cost of individually mailing each item can eat into your profit margins.   

Working with an E-commerce Fulfilment centre gives you access to better shipping rates and the ability to avail of the benefits that come with well-established courier partnerships such as bulk delivery discounts, late cut-off times, etc.  

Additionally, a partnership eliminates the risk of shipping errors. Well established fulfilment centres typically have the most up-to-date inventory technology, streamlined pick and pack operations, advanced receiving and return procedures to ensure efficient and precise order fulfilment processing.





Scale and Grow 

The logistics of order fulfilment can be a complex process and may take away from your business’s core competencies. Outsourcing your E-commerce Fulfilment needs will free you of managing these added extras, allow you to focus on your KPI’s (key performance indicators), and explore the possibility of entering new markets.   

We are experts in all things logistics and given the opportunity we can integrate with your business to become a valued asset of your team. Sharon Keegan founder of Peachylean says “Partnering with Shanahan Directs team has given us the comfort and confidence to scale and grow our operations at a rapid rate”.  

We here at Shanahan Direct Marketing can give you the confidence to take the next step in expanding your business. Say goodbye to 2020 and HELLO to 2021. A year you can pack with new opportunities – we will be here to help you do the packing. 


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