We want to ensure your post gets there as quickly as possible, or more importantly on the day you are planning your campaign to start. Did you know that the colour, size and the weight of your envelope can dictate how soon your mail gets to its destination? 

   What we do:


We work closely with our customers to advise you, on the best practice following the An Post guidelines to speed up your delivery.


 We make sure you can avail of the large mail volume discounts you’re entitled to.


We ensure you stick to the guidelines on size, weight, colour and paper thickness.


We have all the necessary supplies of trays, cages, labels and correct labelling to avoid any delay.


An Post, in the Dublin Mail Centre uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – To get the most out of OCR we follow some important steps:

Font Type

The recommended address font is Arial, black text on white. Other fonts that can be used include Century, Courier, Letter Gothic and Helvetica. 

Never use colour, italics, underlining or punctuation in an address.


Check contents are secured in the envelope, otherwise the address can disappear from the window.

When posting metal objects, loose materials or thick card, use a jiffy or padded envelope. Staples, metal or plastic clips cannot be used on the envelope itself.



Address lines should ideally have a spacing of 3mm and a maximum spacing of 4mm in between each line of address.

There should be a maximum of 32 characters per line (excluding spaces).


Font Size

The recommended fonts sizes are 11pt, 12pt and 13pt are perfect with a pitch value of 10, 11 or 12 (in other words letters not too close together).


OCR recognises cream and pastel coloured envelopes. Dark backgrounds such as red, yellow, orange, blue or green are unreadable and should not be used.

Security Patterns

Avoid using security patterns or embossing in either the address block or postage area.

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