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Here at Shanahan Direct we work with a wide range of clients with diverse requirements. We pride ourselves on providing a broad range of services under one roof to reduce overheads. Here are some select use cases to give you an idea of the types of clients that we work with and the value we bring to their businesses.

The Corporate Client

Shanahan’s services span many departments within our organisation. Having a single supplier solution makes them easy to deal with, streamlines billing and reduces cross departmental friction.  As a result of outsourcing these key areas, we require less resources to deliver a more professional service and image to our stakeholders, clients and customers. 

Here are the details of how Shanahan’s help some of our departments increase their efficiency:

Joan - The Financial Controller

The annual report needs to be distributed to all the shareholders & the notice of the AGM. It is really time critical. No problem, one phone call to Caroline in Shanahan Direct and it’s all sorted.

We already have a data protection agreement in place – so when we get emailed the secure link; it is so easy to upload the file.

It is a big responsibility for me, but Shanahan’s service gives me the confidence that my project will happen to the strict deadlines required.

Amy - PR

Ahead of the AGM there’s a client lunch.  We designed special Invites to the event and Shanahan sourced a really distinctive envelope to give it that special look. They personalised the invite and the envelope and printed posted them out, a discounted postal rate, saving us a fortune.

We also needed place name cards and goodie bags. Shanahans sorted all that for us. They currently store our promotional kits, keep cups, brochures & pens. They sourced a printed bag and put it all together, and had them delivered to the hotel the day before. Shanahans digital department printed all the tent name cards in alphabetical order. It will make doing the tables so much easier.

Aidan - Marketing

I love that lead generation is happening in the background. Shanahans log on to our website and download the requests for brochures and send them out on a daily basis.

Thanks to this background work we can focus on the follow up calls and converting those leads into customers. No more franking envelopes, packing and addressing.

We can concentrate on what really matters – following up with qualified leads and creating campaigns for better outreach.

The Innovator / Entrepreneur

Fionn - The Startup CEO

There’s just me and I’ve great ambitions to do everything.

Before I came across Shanahan Direct- I was racing around – printing out the orders, address and packing up the orders and missing the post! I was just not focused in the right area.

My new product is now stored in Shanahan’s Warehouse – they dispatch my ecom orders every day it’s just so easy. If I need samples or stock –it’s so easy to call in and collect as Ballymount is so convenient J10 off the M50.

Now I have to time to concentrate on the website, and I’m introducing a new line of products.

Shanahan’s professionally pack the orders and track all the deliveries with automated email and text, now my customers know when to expect their orders. I can log in and see the updated stock reports and they also handle customer service call for me.

So when I’m in that big meeting closing another great deal – I know that Shanahan’s are there at the warehouse as an extension of my business and that function runs really smoothly.

The Publisher

Paul - The Editor

Shanahan Direct handle all of our subscriptions an important part of the business They have a dedicated full time phone service, that takes new subscriptions and renewals on the phone. They download all the website orders, input the Tesco voucher & merge them all in to one central database.

This function is a life saver- the mailing list is always on time for each issue and because Shanahans per-sort our post we get the best publishers postal rate on the pre-sorted post.

The magazine is delivered to Shanahans warehouse directly from the printers. They pack the inserts there and get the postal copies out first, and then Easons and the bulk orders to hotels are done.

Previously we packed the magazine to a plastic poly bags. Though recently we have changed over to environmental friendly biodegradable starch based packaging. Shanahan sourced a new option for us and we are getting great feedback from our customers. It is fully compostable – and goes to the brown bin.

Once a year we also exhibit at the trade show- they make sure the magazine are delivered to the RDS on the day we need them.

Often we run a new readers offer campaign. Shanahan’s take the gift stock items, whatever that might be and manage that. They deliver out the gifts to the readers homes as they sign up- they can post it out at such a competitive rate- it really pays for itself in the savings we can make.

The Retailer

Jan - Marketing Manager

We operate 70 stores throughout Ireland and the UK. We have one catalogue mailing posted out to 100,000 customers annually. It is our largest and most successfully marketing spend throughout the year.

The catalogue is a way of displaying exclusive brands and illustrating our vast selection of product and gift ideas available especially during the Christmas period.

We also mail out postcards at special times of the year with special offer and last minute deals.

Shanahan Direct handles all of our mailings and print management- it really makes it easy when you are with one trusted supplier that has all the corporate branding colours etc. in place so it reduces the hand over required.

The multi-faceted direct marketing approach, mixing traditional direct mail and online marking really works for us – in which the customers have tangible marketing item to hand and drive the website.

We keep the conversation open through out the year and customer engagement is very high.

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