Your fulfilment, picking and kitting requirements are managed by our customer service and data team. We have the capability to cope with multiple SKUs (stock keeping units) on every box.

Picking and kitting services

Picking and Kitting is the process of pre-assembling individual products and putting them together to make a customised package for your customer. There are many benefits to kitting, such as saving on the amount of packaging needed for each individual item and on storage space costs.

Many companies outsource their picking and kitting as it saves them on time, costs and resources. We can discuss personalisation of packaging and gift wrapping options to suit you and your clients needs.


The process is made possible with:


The experience we have with complex kitting and SKU management systems.


Speedy handpicked and packed orders by our export staff.


Inclusion of branded delivery notes and promotional materials.


Shipping using your branded packaging or packaging that suits you.


Adding that personal touch to your package.


The scale of hundreds of orders managed daily.


Pick, pack, and same day dispatch.


Extensive courier selection options.


Excellent shipping rates.

Let us become part of your team today.  

1. Talk to us

Tell us about your business, the challenges you face. We'll help you find a suitable e-commerce fulfilment strategy within your budget.

2. Account Setup

Our logistics expert will help set up your account and integrate your e-commerce store with our plugins.

3. Import Inventory

Import your inventory data into Shanahan Directs Dashboard.

4. Storing your products

Your products are delivered to our warehouse and stored. Ready to begin online order fulfilment.

5. Setup complete

Orders will flow from your sales channel to our online software. We will pick, pack, kit, label, and distribute orders to your clients.


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