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Hand Picking Kitting Icon Shanahan DirectPick & Pack from

(per order)

€0.50 €0.50 €0.50
Untracked Delivery Post Preperation Icon Shanahan Direct €3.31 €5.25 €5.25
Tracked Delivery eCommerce Fulfilment Distribution Icon Shanahan Direct €4.25 €8.75 €8.75


Storage & Goods Handling – From €3.00 per pallet includes goods in & storage (depending on size of products)

Rates correct as of July 2019.


1. Talk to us

Tell us about your business, the challenges you face. We'll help you find a suitable e-commerce fulfilment strategy within your budget.

2. Account Setup

Our logistics expert will help set up your account and integrate your e-commerce store with our plugins.

3. Import Inventory

Import your inventory data into Shanahan Directs Dashboard.

4. Storing your products

Your products are delivered to our warehouse and stored. Ready to begin online order fulfilment.

5. Setup complete

Orders will flow from your sales channel to our online software. We will pick, pack, kit, label, and distribute orders to your clients.


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