By outsourcing your E-commerce fulfilment needs such as storage, packing, and distribution to Shanahan Direct, we will save you time, money, and resources. We enable you to focus on what you do best, while availing of the services we do best.

storage space and pallets occupied with products in the warehousee



Our premises have over 800 pallet spaces available. We act as your own storeroom, with our warehousing and stock control management systems, we handle all types of goods and promotional materials.


You only pay per pallet used which saves you the cost of renting your own storage facility.


Are you selling to the UK market or are you based in the UK/EU selling in the Irish Market? We can store your goods fulfil your online orders with seamless efficiency and no delays throughout Ireland and the UK.

Picking and kitting services

Pick and Pack


We offer standard and bespoke packaging services which can be tailor made, picked and kitted along with multiple SKUs on every box to suit your product.


We have a highly trained on-site fulfilment team, who are dedicated to managing your orders as they come in and carefully hand-packing all your products for distribution.


Our secure order management software is integrated with your online store, when we receive your orders, we do the packing for you –  only pay per parcel packed. 




Using professional 3PL services like Shanahan Direct will offer you and your customers added protection and security on delivery services.


We provide the benefit of integrated partnerships with leading distributors such as An Post, DPD, FedEx and more.


Avail of bulk postal discounts, competitive shipping rates and late cut-off times.


Our warehouse is located 5 minutes from Exit 10 on the M50 motorway, we are right at the heart of all the delivery companies head depots.

Let us become part of your team today.  

1. Talk to us

Tell us about your business, the challenges you face. We'll help you find a suitable e-commerce fulfilment strategy within your budget.

2. Account Setup

Our logistics expert will help set up your account and integrate your e-commerce store with our plugins.

3. Import Inventory

Import your inventory data into Shanahan Directs Dashboard.

4. Storing your products

Your products are delivered to our warehouse and stored. Ready to begin online order fulfilment.

5. Setup complete

Orders will flow from your sales channel to our online software. We will pick, pack, kit, label, and distribute orders to your clients.


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